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Water Refill Stations

Do you work for a seaside university that is developing its commitment to sustainability and reducing its consumption of single-use plastic? Are you working towards a net-zero goal, but unsure how to achieve it? Are you concerned about the amount of plastic litter in our green spaces, beaches, and oceans?

By installing a water refill station at your organisation, you have the potential to save 20,000 plastic bottles a year from entering the environment.

We have installed 17 units across the South West situated on the outside of public toilets, in cafes, along coastal paths, and more. We are providing free, fresh drinking water to the public which in turn, provides huge benefits to the local environment.

Did you know?
– 5.25 trillion macro and microplastics may now be floating in the open ocean, weighing up to 269,000 tonnes.​
– 8 million pieces of plastic pollution make their way into the ocean every day. ​
– The world’s population consumes 1 million plastic bottles every minute. ​
– 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution every year. ​
– 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year. ​
– 80% of all studied marine debris is plastic. ​

Do you want to be part of the resolution?

If so, I can help.

About the Stations

The top section of our water refill station is made from recycled fishing nets collected off our beaches and we have a local supply chain here in the South West, to ensure we keep our carbon footprint down.

We worked throughout COVID-19 with our local partners to launch the unique dolphin-shaped design which looks great at any seaside organisation.

By installing a unit with Our Only World, you will receive constant support and advice from our teams to guide you through the initial planning, to long-term maintenance.

Locations across Cornwall

We have installed over 17 stations across Cornwall.

Find our stations in:

  • Porthtowan Beach, St Agnes
  • Mevagissey
  • Newquay
  • Wadebridge
  • Padstow
  • Carne Cove National Trust Car Park
  • Penzance
  • Falmouth
  • Fowey
  • Port Isaac
  • Perranporth
  • Portreath
  • Saltash
  • Gwenapp

Take a look at Google Maps  to see where you can find a refill station near you.

How We Started

Hi, my name is Tina Robinson.

Before I founded Our Only World, I regularly fundraised with my local marine group to install a water refill station on our local beaches, Polzeath and Rock – you may have used them yourself!

This was a big success for me, but these stations were shipped over from America, adding a big carbon footprint and price tag. So, I knew a UK version had to be made!

Since launching the water refill project with my not-for-profit Our Only World, I have championed local designers, engineers and plumbers to help with my mission: to install refill stations across Cornwall and reduce plastic pollution.

We installed our very first station in Wadebridge in June 2022, and by the end of 2023 have installed over 17 stations around Cornwall.

How We Can Help

Would you like to see a Water Refill Station in your local town?

Each station is a step towards a healthier ocean. Get in touch with Tina today to have a chat about the best solution for you. We provide in-person consultations to see where best to install your station.

Please note, that it may be helpful to contact your local councilors or conservation groups to pitch for why your town should be next to install a water refill station.

Contact us here.

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