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About Us

We are a small, Cornwall-based charity on a mission to help restore the oceans with effective solutions that can be rolled out across the country and beyond.

Since Our Only World launched in 2019, we have been busy bringing four projects from ideas to life. These are our innovative SeAlive tiles , water refill stations, our song and video and our book ” Yikesy meets Gaia

Water refill stations is our main activity we are proud to have produced the UK’s first design that is made from recycled  fishing nets. These refill stations help eliminate the use of single use plastic water bottles that end up polluting our oceans. We have worked with local engineers to design and manufacture them in the UK. So far we have launched a 17 locations with plans to keep expanding the network. Find out more about our water refill stations and where you can find them

SeAlive Tiles are ceramic plates with 3D designs that encourage all sorts of sea life to live and thrive on previously lifeless, concrete harbours and piers. As so much of our coastlines are interrupted by manmade structures, it is vital we find ways to make these more nature-friendly, and the science shows that SeAlive Tiles do just that. We have collaborated to  install tiles in Plymouth and Falmouth with Port Isaac and Mevagissey due to start before the end of January.  Plenty more locations in the pipeline. Find out more about the SeAlive tile project and how you can support it.


Our passion for the ocean

I founded Our Only World to help tackle plastic pollution and to restore the health of the oceans I’ve loved all my life. My husband and I have been lucky enough to scuba dive around the world and have swam in some of the most spectacular locations. Sadly, the oceans are facing huge challenges from pollution and climate change, so our grandchildren won’t be able to see the same wonders we once did.

Our Only World is my mission to turn the tide for a better future.

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