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Our Only World

Our Only World is the title of a wonderfully inspirational and moving song to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans.

This exciting project was conceived by marine conservation founder, Tina Robinson and songwriter and producer, David Smart, Tina’s charity, Our Only World was named after David’s song.

Five schools across Cornwall and Guernsey took part in performing the song and helping create a music video to showcase its’ important message. The first official release of the music video and single occurred in Guernsey in 2023.

Watch our charity single, Our Only World, here:

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Our Only World (Land)

The song aims to inspire children and schools around the world to become aware of the harm plastics have on our environment. An exciting initiative has been put in place where one of the participating schools from Guernsey will be working alongside the South Pacific Islands, Vanuatu, on the song and project. We hope that through the convening powers of the Commonwealth this inspirational project will indeed grow throughout the world. In this current “Year Of The Youth’ the educational benefits and unity this will bring to the children involved will be priceless.

American professor and author, Corinne Gerwe and philanthropist, John Case, were so inspired by Our Only World and its message that they reached out to David to discuss the idea of incorporating lyrics that also referred to land based plastic pollution. Corinne’s home in the Appalachian mountains and its surrounding rivers, streams and lakes, like many other areas of natural beauty around the world, have not been spared the onslaught of discarded plastic. The idea that an alternative version Our Only World could inspire change that could affect the whole planet was another lightbulb moment for David. He went back to co-lyricist, Joe Broadfoot, and they rewrote part of the song. Our Only World ( Land ) is now a companion song that highlights the problems of plastic pollution in inland ecosystems, and runs alongside the original marine version.

Our Only World ( Land ) Another exciting development!


Our Only World ( Land) has now inspired schools and children as far afield as North Carolina, USA and Mexico to take up the cause.

Our Only World (Land)

Our Only World (Land) has now inspired schools and children as far afield as North Carolina, USA and Mexico to take up the cause.

Corinne’s theatrical group of young children in the Appalachian mountains, The Mountain Page Theater YAK Group, Saluda, North Carolina is the first to film and record this new version. We are so excited to show you their super video and version of the song! Thank you to Corrine, Nova Carlton, Joesph Burkett and all the wonderful children from Saluda who took part in this project. Let’s not forget Bigfoot too!

Mexican film maker Inti Pērez Peña was also inspired by the song and its message and we are so proud to show you his amazing film. Filmed and recorded on location in Tepic, Mexico Our Only World, Nuestro Único Mundo continues our story. A massive thank you to Inti and the Neurotik Production team, Patty Maciel and all the wonderful ”super hero” children that took part in this inspiring film!

Please find the inspirational lyrics here for both marine and land versions. If any person/ school/ theatre group would also like to take part in this wonderful musical and environmental project, please contact Tina or David. The piano and vocal scores are also available on request.

We are so excited and proud of our song, Our Only World, and the message and the inspiration it gives to all of us. Please watch this space for further development.

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We'd really like to thank our sponsors who help make this music video a reality. Without their support it would be extremly difficult to fund this project. If you're a business and would like to support our charity, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us here.

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