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In 2022, we worked with author Beth Boon to publish a book written and illustrated by children for children. Introducing Yikesy Meets Gaia.

Beth Boon has worked with a local primary school to create the adventure tale of Yikesy meets Gaia. The story of an alien who follows a trail of plastic space junk to Earth where she finds more plastic than she’s ever seen. Join Yikesy and friends on their journey to help rid the beaches of plastic and save Earth!

A big thanks to widgit.com who have kindly donated the appropriate symbols for a wigit verison of Yikesy meets Gaia. We are in the process of designing and publishing this now which means we can provide a widgit book for children who cannot read text.

Maeve Jarret is helping us with the redesign of the publication, and we are all very excited to offer something for all children.

Beth Boon is planning a third edition about plastic pollution in our rivers with a school in Cheltenham, so watch this space!

Buy a copy of Yikesy Meets Gaia today and the profits go towards marine conservation.

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