Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 19th Apr 2024 | Maeve

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Why a refill station?

To reduce single-use plastic waste, combat litter, and mitigate plastic pollution in oceans.

Who pays for it?

Customers cover unit and installation costs, with potential collaboration for funding.

Total unit cost?

£2300 for wall-mounted, £3200 for floor-mounted, excluding installation.

Maintenance costs?

Low maintenance with annual servicing and a shared cleaning schedule.

Running costs?

These are minimal, estimated £30-£50 per year for water usage.

Water quality?

All units are certified by Water Regulations approval.

Siting permission and vandalism prevention?

Permission from land or site owners and then we will notify the water suppliers required before installation. We have vandal-proof design features and a cut-off valve to avoid leaking, as well as an output nozzle with slow push mechanism to avoid overfilling large containers.

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How can we trust Our Only World?

We are an experienced, volunteer-led organisation with a track record of successful projects. Please check out our customer reviews page.

Where are your units in Cornwall?

We have 17 units installed across Cornwall in local towns and visitor locations.

How does this project fit with the Refill campaign? 

It will complement the ReFill Campaign. During busy periods at cafes and parks, people can refill their bottles free of charge instead of buying more water in plastic bottles.

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