Water Refill Stations

Do you work for a seaside university that is developing its commitment to sustainability and reducing its consumption of single-use plastic? Are you working towards a net-zero goal, but unsure how to achieve it? Are you concerned about the amount of plastic litter in our green spaces, beaches, and oceans?

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SeAlive Tiles

You may not have heard of these tiles before as they’re very new to the UK! They are hexagonal ceramic tiles with 3D textured designs. They can be attached to flat, manmade walls in the sea to provide a vital habitat for sea life. These are typically the underwater sections of harbours, piers and sea defences.

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Charity Single

Our Only World is the title of a wonderfully inspirational and moving song to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans.

This exciting project was conceived by marine conservation founder, Tina Robinson and songwriter and producer, David Smart, www.davidsmartmusic.com. Tina’s charity, Our Only World was named after David’s song.

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Yikesy Meets Gaia

In 2022, we worked with author Beth Boon to publish a book written and illustrated by children for children. Introducing Yikesy Meets Gaia. Since then, we’ve worked together to create two more children books. Read more here.


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