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Inspiring Future Generations

Our Only World was created to help restore the ocean’s health for future generations, so what better place to start than by inspiring children?

The charity is named after the brilliant song by composer and producer David Smart. Tina and David first discussed launching the charity with this inspirational song, commissioned for children, to raise awareness of the plastic pollution present in our oceans. In 2023, David helped us to finally release the charity single, Our Only World, and we’re so proud of the final result.

Several schools across North Cornwall and Guernsey took on the challenge of learning the song and performing it at various events with great success. A big thanks to Chantal Harrison and our generous sponsors GRG, Cazenove Capital, and the Red Carnation Group we were able to create a professionally recorded song and a music video.

We hope it will have a major impact and inspire future generations to look after our precious oceans and minimise the impact plastic pollution has on our marine life.

Watch this space!

Watch our music video

Listen to our charity single, Our Only World, written and produced by professional composer, David Smart.

It is written to inspire younger generations to save and preserve the oceans and marine life. The song is sung wonderfully by local children.

Please watch the music video below as all proceeds from sales support future Our Only World projects.

Watch video

Children book: Yikesy Meets Gaia

In 2022, we launched a new book with author Beth Boon.

Written and illustrated by children, for children. Beth has worked with a local school to create the adventure tale of Yikesy Meets Gaia.

It is the story of an alien who follows a trail of plastic space junk to Earth where she finds more plastic than she’s ever seen. Join Yikesy and friends on their journey to help rid the beaches of plastic and save Earth!

Buy a copy of Yikesy Meets Gaia today. All profits go towards marine conservation.

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