SeAlive tiles for on a pier

SeAlive Tiles

You may not have heard of SeAlive Tiles before as they’re very new to the UK! They are hexagonal ceramic tiles with 3D textured designs. They can be attached to flat, manmade walls in the sea to provide a vital habitat for sea life. These are typically the underwater sections of harbours, piers and sea defences. By changing the surfaces from flat and hostile to rocky and uneven, all sorts of species can find a home, from seaweeds to invertebrates and fish.

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The science

We are collaborating with Plymouth University’s Dr Louise Firth, Associate Professor of Marine Ecology, on the project. She has provided research and funding with the support of the university to install tiles in the South West of England.

SeAlive Tiles are a relatively new concept in the UK, but similar tiles can be found in Australia and a few other countries. We are the first to install SeAlive Tiles in England and we hope to expand the reach of the project with your help.

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