Our Mission

To inspire and raise awareness of our fight against marine plastic pollution and its effect on our only world.


We are looking to support our first conservation project concerning the study of sea grass on the south Cornish Coast. Watch this space as we embark on our first charity funding. This is an amazing opportunity for the charity in this case to support young people which is vital in today’s employment climate

Original winning design

Water Refill Station

We are waiting for instructions regarding our successful application with Cornwall Council’s Community Infrastructure fund. We have the opportunity to liaise with 15 communities around Cornwall to reduce single use plastic.


Although the launching of our song and video has been temporarily put on hold in the UK, we are continuing with the help of Chantal Harrison and her team in Guernsey. They are working hard and liaising with local schools and businesses so we can continue to raise awareness of marine pollution.

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We are seeking funding to work with local primary schools within Covid 19 guidelines. We would like to ask children how and what they would tell the world about how we can protect our oceans. Funding would then allow us to make up a package of items suggested and refined by children (not adults!) which would eventually help raise funds for the charity. This would be a great opportunity for a local business to engage with residents and visitors

Our Only World

We are a member of the Cornish community, we are all passionate about the fight against plastic, the protection of our seas and marine conservation education. Please contact us if you would like to help with our mission.