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Sea Changers Coastal Fund 2023

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We are a small, Cornwall-based charity on a mission to help restore the oceans with effective solutions that can be rolled out across the country and beyond.

Why our fountains are different

Our Aqua Tap fountains are unique – because they are made in the south-west of England, they have a much lower carbon footprint than most refill fountains which are imported, and the design also incorporates recycled marine plastics exemplifying the benefits of the circular economy.

Development of the Aqua Tap design was partly thanks to a grant from Sea-Changers in 2019 and now we’re proud to be able to offer our fountains to successful applicants to Sea-Changers’ Coastal Fountain Fund. Since their launch we’ve installed Aqua Taps in eleven  locations in Cornwall and sold nine to Plastic Free Eastbourne.. We are keen to see them rolled-out across the country to help prevent even more single-use plastic bottles ending up in the sea.

Below are answers to some common questions about our Aqua Taps.  If you need any further information or have been awarded a Sea-Changers Coastal Fountain Fund grant and would like to order, you can contact us on 07966779609 or email us



Are the Aqua Tap fountains WRAS approved?

Yes, they are.


How much do the Aqua Tap fountains cost?

We have 2 designs – floor mounted which cost £3050 and wall mounted which are £2200.


Do prices include VAT?

We are not registered for VAT so there is no additional VAT on these prices.


Can you provide installation and servicing instructions?

Yes, we have a manual which we will supply with the fountain.


Can a water meter be fitted to the supply?

Yes, all the ones we have fitted so far have a small non billable meter installed. These have mainly been fitted in the water supply so that you can lift an access plate and read the meter much like a billable meter. For a wall mounted unit, the meter is generally fitted to the building water pipes.


Are the fountains robust enough for extended outdoor use – ie corrosion and vandal resistant?

Yes, we use hand polished marine grade stainless steel which performs best in a harsh marine environment. We offer a 3-year guarantee with the units – a copy can be sent on request.


How easy is it to source spare parts if things go wrong or get damaged?

We have quick access to spares as all our supply chain is local here in the south-west.


What are the delivery times from order?

We keep units in stock so lead times can be short but if we can’t supply from stock, it is approx. 6 weeks.

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